Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Road Trip

I'll be taking a road trip this weekend. Just me and the open road. I plan on taking my laptop with me so that I can highjack internet along the way to update my blog. We'll just have to see how well that goes.

It will be a long, lonely, and boring trip. But hey, at least no potty breaks every 15 minutes. LOL. I should be able to make good time, and I'm looking forward to calculating out the gas mileage on my PDA. (Does that make me a geek?)

The total trip distance is about 1200 miles. I figure if I can average 30 mpg, thats only 40 gallons of gas at an estimated $3/gal. $120. Not bad. Our van cost $90 the last time we filled it and we only get about 360 miles on a tank when we drive locally.

Time wise, if I can average 60 miles an hour (probably not possible), then I'll be looking at 1200 minutes of driving time or 20 hours. Ouch. But it should be fun. I'll get to see parts of America, that I normally wouldn't see. Get to experience the fun of spontaneous travel with all the unforseen issues that can arise. Who knows what people, places, and things lie ahead?

Anyway, this is just the opener to my Road Trip adventure. I'll blog an entry just before I fly out. Then, hopefully will follow with regular updates.


At 9/22/2005 11:23 AM, Blogger T said...

where are you going? what are you doing? why are you going? want some letterboxing locations to hit on the way?? :)


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