Sunday, July 31, 2005


Roger that, three bogeys bearing two-seven-zero, 55 knots!

Target acquired, ETA....five hours.

Roger that, you are go for a CTHF. Advise on initial contact that you have tango.


So, this past weekend, our oldest three have been gone. Up into da great nort dere hey. Uma and Dupe took them to the cabin where they were certain to go fishing, swimming, and who knows what else.

But today, they return. And our lives will be back to normal. Problem is, it was kinda nice having only three little souls to guide through the daily adventure of life. But those thoughts of how "easy" it was to get around, go to the store, eat at a restaurant, etc. are quickly dismissed as new thoughts about what was missing. T-storm, Welly, and Zilla. You just can't replace kids like that. I will be happy with their return. And with them will come the arguments, the bickering, the tattling, the hugs, the hilarious comments, the spirited laughter, the love.

So let them come.

Friday, July 29, 2005

It's all about the chicken fingers.

When you're a kid, you love chicken fingers. They don't even need to be the real deal. Processed chicken part McNuggets reign supreme.

Then as we grow older, we graduate on to burgers, brats, and steak. But not me. It's all about the chicken fingers. Chicken tenders. Call them what you may, but there is nothing quite so tasty as a good all-white-meat-real-chicken chicken finger.

Over the years I've become somewhat of a connoisseur of chicken fingers and can tell you that not all chicken fingers are created equally. (Note the proper use of the adverb equally which modifies the verb created? Darn Framers and their crappy grammar!)

The best chicken fingers I have ever had were at a seafood place in Vancouver, WA. I can't remember the name of it, but they were sesame breaded tenders of crunchy goodness for sure.

You may wonder why all the obsession with chicken fingers. Easy. I just got back from lunch, where I had of all things, a....

burger? Yeah, right!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Go to the ant, you sluggard!

MC Escher rules. There is really not more you can say about him than that.

I just now am laughing at myself because I am writing this blog as if it were going to be read by a million people, when in reality, it will most likely only be read by my wife.

Hi wife.

Mini Cooper or xB? Post an answer!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Bliggity Blog

Got blog?


I am so anti-blog I just had to start a blog about it. Why do people find blogs so interesting? Do we love to find other people whose personalities appeal to us? It is a phenomenon, that's for shizzle.

I'm not smart enough to actually have a blog of my own. I can't write worth crap. I'm not funny on paper. The e-me is such a far cry from the real me that I just type out a bunch of stuff and then delete it because it isn't really me. I want people to know me. Yes, the real me.

Reminds me a song....Building a better me by Dogwood:

Superficial nature wearing thin.
I can't seem to begin.
What really do I see when I stare back at me?
As crushing time reveals my foe,
Inheriting all woe.
Solutions in the past,
Conditioned not to ask.
It's what you're meant to be,
Your name and number.
Be all that you should be.
You will recover things you haven't lost,
Because they don't see you like you think they do.
Please just become you.
Release your fear is what he said.
This all came to a head.
Feel cheated out of you,
Tradition follows through.
Though I can't see how this will end,
I know that you will always pull me through.
My soul went searching for a cause
But came back empty-handed.
The emptiness you see...
Building a better me.