Saturday, September 24, 2005

Update 1

My dad dropped me off at the airport and all was well. Besides a little post-flu queasiness, I was feeling pretty good.

Flight into Chicago was fine, arrived on time, plenty of time to make my connecting flight to Cleveland. In fact, the gate was just across from our arrival gate.

Flight to Cleveland boards on time, but then, it happens. All people please de-plane. Maintenance says that the aircraft has issues, we will update you in a half hour. Moans and groans can be heard throughout the plane cabin. But then, the startling news starts to cross my ears. "I've been trying to get to Cleveland since Tuesday", says one lady. Another group of passengers laments that they were supposed to fly out last night and that flight was cancelled too. This is not sounding good.

I deplane and wait in line at the ticket counter to find out what I'm supposed to do. If the plane leaves a half hour late, I can make my connection in Cleveland. If the flight cancels, not a chance. After listening to other people complain and take their frustrations out at the lady at the ticket counter, I feel pretty calm and explain to her my situation. She is more that willing to help me get to my destination. As I am talking to her, she gets news on her monitor that the flight is cancelled. She schedules me for a direct flight, bypassing Cleveland. However, that flight doesn't leave until 3:36 pm. And arrives at 6:46 pm. That's 5 and a half hours later than I was supposed to arrive. Oh well. What can you do? I am at the mercy of the airlines at this point. If, for some reason, the flight direct cancels, I'm not sure what I will do.

So, now I have 7 hours to hang out at Chicago O'hare. I don't have any DVD's, my cell battery is almost dead. So, maybe I will do some INSTE or play solitaire.

End Update.


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