Friday, October 20, 2006


I copied and pasted this from a post I read on a forum. Some of them I get, others I don't have the knowledge to understand the connection.

Interesting non-the-less!

Is it our invention or His creation?

Camera (lens, focus, iris, film) / Eye (cornea curves to focus, iris, retina)
Microphone / Ear drum / Amphitheatre shape / Outer ear shape
Pump / Heart / Valves Heart valves
Plumbing and hydraulic systems / Circulatory system
Communication / telephone cables / Spinal cord / nervous system
Ball joint / Shoulder joint
Windshield wiper / Eye lid
Wiper fluid / Tears
Knife / Incisor teeth
Mortar and pestle / Molar teeth
Woodwinds / Voice box
Computer / Electronic circuitry / Brain
Computer program / DNA
Bubble level / Inner ear tubes for balance
Construction crane (jointed arm, scoop) / Arm and hand
Honeycomb reinforcements / Bee's honeycomb
Solar panel (energy from light) / Leaf
Fish hook (reverse barb design) / Bee stinger
Light stick (light from chemical reactions) / Firefly
Airplanes (airfoil wings, hollow struts, tail) / Birds (airfoil wings, hollow bones, tail)
Submarine ballast / Fish (ballast bladder)
Sonar / Bats, dolphins
Paper from wood pulp / Wasp hives
Velcro / Thistle burrs (actually inspired Velcro)
Blu-blocker sunglasses / Orange oil in eagle eyes to improve acuity
Suction cups / Octopus
Inboard propulsion (boats) / Squid
Batteries (electricity from chemicals) / Eel
Navigation by stars / magnetic fields / Bird and butterfly migration
Music / Song birds
Anesthetics / Venoms and poisons
Swim fins, paddles / Webbed feet (frogs, ducks)
Water cooled systems / Sweat glands and perspiration
Core aeration for health of lawns / Worms, insects and moles

Hypodermic syringe / Snake fangs, also mechanism used by viruses to inject into cells
Antibiotic medicines / Immune system
Hydraulic shock absorbers / Knee joints
Dust filter / Nostril hairs
VCR, magnetic storage media / Memory, recording/viewing images
Gyroscope, top / Planetary rotation
Magnets / Lodestone
Internet / Brain, also Society
Mirror / Reflection on water
Wheel / Animals that curl and roll (armadillo)
Plastics (of many varieties and qualities) / Carbon-based life forms
(of bone, cartilage, tissues, transparent lenses, wood, feathers, etc., and all bio-degradable!)

Gasoline (expensive, dirty) / Methane (free, clean)
Barb wire fences / Briar bushes, thorns
Bridge supports and weight distribution / Elephant / Dinosaur skeletal framework
Robots / Humans
Nuclear energy or bomb (fusion) / Lamp / Sun
Electric and propulsion motors / Mechanical components of flagellum of bacteria & protozoan

Theme Parks / Nature / State Parks
Helicopter / Bumblebee / Hummingbird / Maple seed pods
Camouflage clothing / Camouflage skin and fur, chameleons
Armor / Exoskeletons
Movies, cast, film crew, director / Life, people, angels, subconscious
Night lights / street lights / The stars and the moon
Baby formula / Breast milk
Water filtration techniques / Same filtering techniques as found in nature and swamps and rivers - charcoal, silt

Fishing / Angler fish
Sponge (synthetic) / Sponge
Satellite / Moon
Cloning experiments / Reproductive systems, asexual reproduction
Pulleys, fulcrums, and levers / Foot joints and ligaments
Smoke detectors / Noses
Cup / Cupped hands
Greenhouse / Earth
Clock / Solar system
Fishing net / Spider's web
Magnifying glass / Droplet of water
Water filter / Kidneys
Irrigation canals / Roots in plants
Fires set to aid heath in agriculture / Naturally occurring forest fires
Protective environmental suit / Egg shell
Key and lock / Enzyme and related substrate
Suspension bridge / Spider web
Shock absorbing helmet / Woodpecker skull
Fix-a-flat for punctures in tires / Coagulants found in the blood
Smoke screen as a defense / Octopus ink
Fuel & air for mechanical engines / Food & air for biological engines
Chemical warfare / The Bombardier Beetle
Snowshoes / Penguin's feet
Frames of Buildings / Skeleton of living organisms
Weaving in a basket / Weaving in a bird's nest
Medicine / Herbs
Religions with rules about God / A relationship of love with God
Evolution of civilization and technology / Evolution of the universe and life
Water dams / Beaver dams
Dreams / Movies
Circular appearance of sun and moon / Wheel
Pliers, tongs / Lobster/crab claws
Fur coats / Fur coats
Hang gliders / Butterflies
Vitamin pills / Fruits and vegetables
Interlocking teeth of a zipper / Linkages between barbs in feathers
Radiator, heat exchange system / Elephant's ears, blood vessels in a whale's tail


At 10/20/2006 7:19 PM, Blogger meLanie said...

ok nate, what's with the music? incredible list, however the music was insane by the time i got half way.

At 10/20/2006 7:30 PM, Blogger iridium said...

It's related to the post below this one.

It's the song from Charlie Brown Christmas.

At 10/21/2006 9:49 PM, Blogger my bathroom is my sanctuary said...

I guess it's a good things my speakers don't work. LOL! It's amazing when you really look at how much our creation mimick god's huh. You could use that when trying to prove creation over evolution...hmmmmmm. THanks irid.

At 10/23/2006 2:06 PM, Blogger T said...

yeah, HE has some good ideas...

I admit,... I didn't read the whole list...

((( GRIN )))

At 10/28/2006 8:23 PM, Anonymous momzie said...

I think He was gracious enough to inspire a few people to invent things that were spin-offs of His master designs. Some of them may have realized it, some may have taken credit for something they didn't originally design.


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