Monday, November 07, 2005

My Heart Will Go On.



Wherrrreeeeeeeeeever you are.

I wonder how many people thought that this was going to be another wierd story from the mind of Iridium. Iridium...hehe what a geek. You can't call yourself your screen name. Oh, but I can....AND I WILLLLLL!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA.

Hokay. So, the Titanic soundtrack. Totally love it. And you know what I love about it? I know it. No, you don't understand. There aren't any words to it except that one song. Other than that, it's just instrumental and occassionally Enya doing her dwa dwaaaa, dwa dwa dwaaaaaa, dwa dwa dwaaaaaa, dwa dwaaaaaaaaaaa dwaaa. See? Told you I know it.

Anyway, one of the things about me is that I like to sit at my computer with the Titanic Soundtrack (TS to shorten it up and make is sound cool) and do my studies, or surf the net, or what not. Another one of my habits is that I love to sing along with TS. This drives Laundry Lady (LL) crazy. But a funny thing happened not too long ago....

So, I'm sitting there with TS on the headphones doing some INSTE. LL is sitting at her computer blogging or reading blogs or doing whatever. And naturally, I'm singing along.

Dwa Dwaaaa. Dwa Dwa Dwaaaa. Dwa Dwa Dwaaaaaa Dwa Dwaaaaaaaaaa Dwaaa.

LL yells over at me to get my attention "You are SOOO annoying!"


"You. You are soooo annoying. If you could hear yourself."

"Oh yeah? Let me here you do it."

LL puts on the headphones and tries to sing along.

"HAHAHA! You can't do it!"

"I wouldn't WANT to do it. You're such a dork."

I put the headphones on and start singing. Every once in a while, I would hit the power button to the external speakers so she could hear that I was actually singing the right parts at the right time and just because she couldn't hear the rest of the track doesn't mean I am a dork.

I'm a dork for other reasons.


At 11/08/2005 7:45 AM, Blogger T said...

I love the image of the two of you 4 feet apart on your separate computers surfing your favorite sites and IM-in each other back and forth... now that's a 21st century marriage!

At 11/08/2005 8:38 PM, Blogger Natalie Joy said...

I could literally hear your voice, iridium, saying "Ha ha Ha You can't do it." You crack me up.

At 11/09/2005 9:07 AM, Blogger Angela said...

That's great...the first step in being a dork is admitting that you are one. Embrace it!

At 11/09/2005 1:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is GREAT!!! yeah, natalie, i could totally hear it too, especially when he was singing Enya..i love Enya...
Nate has ALWAYS been a hummer/singer/doo-wopper...never singing the melody, but going with the base usually, always harmonizing lol used to drive my parents CRAZY when we were in the car going somewhere on vacation. He'd lean his head up against the window and just dum-dum dee dah doh doh the whole time, even if the radio wasn't playing. He'd do it while he was sitting in front of the tv playing video games, in the shower, while doing his homework... all the time lol. He's musicially inclined, that's for sure. And so so funny too lol.

At 11/10/2005 8:53 PM, Blogger Rev60 said...

I don't even know what to say in response to this. We all secretly sing along to stupid songs, but it takes a lot of guts to blog about it. Hats off to you Celine!


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